The Coronavirus Outbreak as a Zombie Apocalypse

Paranormal Archaeology

New podcast episode over on Anchor.FM! 


Content Warning, the Coronavirus, and of course Zombies.

Also note, this is a cheeky way of dealing with anxiety, listen if you get the joke. 

Feeling a little scared by the Coronavirus Outbreak? Let’s talk about how the Zombie Apocalypse prepares us for the possibility of an epidemic, and see what it can tell us about our potential survival.

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Show Notes:

Zombie Preparedness | CDC

But If a Zombie Apocalypse Did Occur: Essays on Medical, Military, Governmental, Ethical, Economic and Other Implications (Contributions to Zombie Studies)

by Amy L. Thompson (Author, Editor), Foreword by Wade Davis (Author), Antonio S. Thompson (Editor)


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Bent and Broken Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Steel and Seething by Kevin MacLeod



Static Motion by Kevin MacLeod



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An active Archaeologist myself, I've gotten a bit tired of the use of bad science and archaeology to defend and "prove" made up claims. In this vein my videos should help others who are are not familiar with how Archaeology actually works understand the truth and see through the misleading lies of others

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