31 Days of Archaeological Horror – Monster Design and Cultural Appropriation (Guest Post!)

Our first Guest post of the 31 Days is by Harusakiemon @Harusakiemon, GM of the Goblin Town Adventures D&D game on the ArchaoGaming Con channel and #ArGaCon Vet.

A digital painting of a monster. The monster has a long nose like a tapir, front paws like a tiger, cloven hooves for its back legs, and a red flowing tail of hair. It has a large toothy smile. It has nine eyes that are covered in green, glowing flames and floating around its torso.
A monster design of a baku 獏 for @ArchyFantasies
31 Days of #Archaeological #Horror #youkai #妖怪 #ConceptArt #コンセプトアート via Harusakiemon


I give a few ideas about how to approach making pop culture using traditional culture. And I explain a few monster designs at the end.

I talk about:
Over the Moon (2020)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008)
Batman and the Outsiders: Lesser Gods (2020)
Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman (2007)
Baku (Japanese supernatural creature)

Published by ArchyFantasies

An active Archaeologist myself, I've gotten a bit tired of the use of bad science and archaeology to defend and "prove" made up claims. In this vein my videos should help others who are are not familiar with how Archaeology actually works understand the truth and see through the misleading lies of others

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