Haunted Spaces and Cheesman Park with Matthew Baxter and Dr. Karen Stollznow

Today we talk with the paranormal power couple Matthew Baxter and Dr. Karen Stollznow. We talk about ghost hunting, ghost stories as an oral tradition, haunted memories, and Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado.


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Matthew Baxter

Twitter: @parabaxter

Website: https://www.matthewmbaxter.com/

Karen Stollznow

Twitter: @karenstollznow

Website: karenstollznow.com

Newest Book: On the Offensive: Prejudice in Language Past and Present


Ghosts of Cheesman Park in Denver

Published by ArchyFantasies

An active Archaeologist myself, I've gotten a bit tired of the use of bad science and archaeology to defend and "prove" made up claims. In this vein my videos should help others who are are not familiar with how Archaeology actually works understand the truth and see through the misleading lies of others

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