The Haunted Museum, the Rocking Chair of Hell

In the effort to not make myself crazy, here is to next Dirtmas video! 

We look at more Haunted Museum items. This one is a demon possessed rocking chair! What is it? Why is it? Did Zak really exorcize a rocking chair? All these questions and more…  


Hi! I’m an archaeologist who likes games, video games, gaming, horror, the supernatural, and debunking pseudoarchaeology. Check out my vids for more on the above topics, and toss us a coin if you like what I do.  

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Published by ArchyFantasies

An active Archaeologist myself, I've gotten a bit tired of the use of bad science and archaeology to defend and "prove" made up claims. In this vein my videos should help others who are are not familiar with how Archaeology actually works understand the truth and see through the misleading lies of others

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