Folk Horror and Archaeology

I have finally found time to read the first episode of Hellebore, the Samhain 2019 issue. I am blown away! I need to secure Issue 2 before Issue 3 comes out this year. If you don’t know what Hellebore is, it’s a lovely little magazine, or maybe just a Zine from the UK power team ofContinue reading “Folk Horror and Archaeology”

The Haunting of Winchester Mansion with Dr. Karen Stollznow

Dr. Stollznow joins us as we examine the Winchester Mansion. Why is it haunted, how does that perception change how we interact with the property, and what’s the real story behind the mysterious Sarah Winchester?–Karen-Stollznow-ef0bqq Show Notes: Dr. Karen Stollznow: Karen Stollznow on Twitter (@karenstollznow) MonterTalk Podcast Hi! I’m an archaeologist whoContinue reading “The Haunting of Winchester Mansion with Dr. Karen Stollznow”

What is Paranormal Archaeological Survey?

Here on the Paranormal Archaeology blog, we have toyed with the idea of doing a paranormal archaeological survey. Using archaeological methods to look over the paranormality of sites or analyze artifacts that are perceived as being haunted. But trying to put together what that might look like in real life, has been a bit difficult.Continue reading “What is Paranormal Archaeological Survey?”