When Does an Object Become Paranormal?

As humans, we have a lot of stuff. We have so much stuff were not even aware of the stuff that we have. When was the last time you took inventory of every piece of cutlery you use on a day-to-day basis? Yet I could guarantee most of us have a favorite fork or spoonContinue reading “When Does an Object Become Paranormal?”

The Archaeology of Dybbuk Boxes

Dybbuk Boxes are a new thing. The first “confirmed” Dybbuk Box I can track down is the ‘original’ Dybbuk Box from 2003, which is now owned by Zak Bagan’s in his Haunted Museum. The box has an interesting history because as far as anyone can tell, it’s completely made up. Yet this particular object has spawned several replicants, andContinue reading “The Archaeology of Dybbuk Boxes”