The Haunted Museum, the Rocking Chair of Hell

In the effort to not make myself crazy, here is to next Dirtmas video!  We look at more Haunted Museum items. This one is a demon possessed rocking chair! What is it? Why is it? Did Zak really exorcize a rocking chair? All these questions and more…   -=-=-=-=-=-=-   Hi! I’m an archaeologist whoContinue reading “The Haunted Museum, the Rocking Chair of Hell”

Spirit Containers and Haunted Objects

In his book Objects: Reluctant Witnesses to the Past (2006), Chris Caple discusses a class of objects he calls “Spirit Containers”, and it really hits on the objective of this blog.  Spirit Containers, as Caple defines them, are objects/artifacts that are believed to be inhabited by spirits. This doesn’t necessarily make the object haunted. ForContinue reading “Spirit Containers and Haunted Objects”

Antique Shops and Haunted Objects.

We’ve been talking a lot on this blog about the idea of haunted objects. One of the most exciting things about haunted objects is how they can gather in certain places. One, of course, being a museum, which we will get to, but another one is the antique shop or thrift store. This is somethingContinue reading “Antique Shops and Haunted Objects.”

The Archaeology of Dybbuk Boxes

Dybbuk Boxes are a new thing. The first “confirmed” Dybbuk Box I can track down is the ‘original’ Dybbuk Box from 2003, which is now owned by Zak Bagan’s in his Haunted Museum. The box has an interesting history because as far as anyone can tell, it’s completely made up. Yet this particular object has spawned several replicants, andContinue reading “The Archaeology of Dybbuk Boxes”